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4 Locations and Growing – Craig Popp [RR 757]
Episode 75728th June 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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What are the challenges of being a successful multi-shop owner? Is there an ideal scenario to buy more locations? Should you buy an existing business or build from the ground up? I’m with Craig Popp at the 2022 Elite Invitational and each of his 4 locations has a unique story to tell. Keep listening if you are in the market for another shop.

Craig Popp, First Tire & Automotive, 4 locations, Sugar Land and Katy, TX

Key Talking Points

  • Surround yourself with people that have experience 

  • Do something that you know, and do it very well and you'll be successful 

  • Buying additional locations- you need the customer base, the goodwill in the community, and the location that makes a big difference. 

  • You can't do it all, you got to depend on your people, you got to empower them. 

  • Make sure that when a customer comes in, your employees have the authority to decide to take care of that customer. 

  • Do not hire the first person automatically. Don't fill a void, talk to them, get to know them, and spend some time before you hire that person.

  • Set the expectations, set deadlines, and train them to be what you expect them to be.

  • Sometimes doing the right things is hard, but still the right thing

  • “You’re only as good as your weakest link” 

  • Keeping a training resume

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