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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 96, 15th June 2020
Ep. 51: Dealing with Bullying & Disabilities & Writing a Book with Natalie Hibberd
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Ep. 51: Dealing with Bullying & Disabilities & Writing a Book with Natalie Hibberd

Welcome back to the 51st episode of the Hard Thing Podcast.

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Today, I share my conversation with author Natalie HIbberd (you can reach Nataline on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter). 

Natalie recently finished writing her novel, Inside Out which details an apocalyptic world with those on the “inside” and those on the “outside”.

Some of the inspiration for this book comes from Natalie’s experiences being on the outside throughout her entire life. Natalie has cerebral palsy.

We talk a lot about disability today and Natalie really helps spread understanding about what it is like to be disabled, and how people treat you.

We also talk about bullying. Natalie was bullied growing up by various people and we talk about what makes people bully and why she was bullied.

Today’s a great episode because we also talk about how you should treat disabled people… i.e. like other people.

We also talk about what’s it like to write books.

It was a fun conversation and I think you’ll learn a lot. Natalie also left a few action items:

  1. Be kind for the sake of being kind
  2. Know you are not alone
  3. Keep on going!


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