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Making Albums, Expectations, Demo Recordings, Distribution
Episode 17th July 2022 • Jazz Office Hours • Cory Weeds & Will Chernoff
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Making a jazz album, from demo to distribution to performance, is a game of expectations. Whether artistic, financial, or personal, expectations keep you on track and help you remember why you're in the game.


  • First question: How to release a jazz album (01:17),
  • What are realistic financial expectations for making an album? Taking entrepreneurial risk, investing up-front in production, and building a music career over time (11:44),
  • Cory takes an honest look at the growth of Rhythm Changes and of his radio show, Condition Blue (17:41),
  • Next question: How to get gigs by sending demo recordings to booking agents (25:54),
  • Choosing the right live music venues for your band (29:45),
  • Making a personal connection with venue booking agents (36:16),
  • Storytime: the early-2000s distribution deals that established Cellar Music (39:47),
  • New Cellar Music releases by Sheila Jordan & Brian Charette on July 15, 2022 (48:06).