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10th September 2018 • A Walk In Darkness • BoozeHound Entertainment
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Paranormal investigator Wally Fitch stuns listeners with a bold announcement - he plans to move into the notorious "Death House on Elm Street" featured in the latest episode of his podcast! 

In this special bonus episode, Wally reveals his intentions to rent the property where a demon named Surath may have enacted a chain of sinister events over many years. By making the home the new headquarters for his paranormal quest, Wally hopes proximity will unlock clues.

However, the idea strikes terror in Wally's investigation partner Sutton Blackhill, who suffered unspeakable horrors in the home. Though she wants answers just as badly, Sutton vehemently refuses to join Wally in dwelling at the scene of her personal nightmare.

Even Wally's nemesis, the mysterious preacher, chimes in with warnings, urging Wally to abandon the dangerous house for a righteous path instead. But Wally remains determined to reside at the heart of the mystery, convinced the truth awaits inside those cursed walls.

What will Wally's risky decision yield? Will proximity to evil bring understanding or unleash greater darkness upon them all? Subscribe for more shocking updates as Wally prepares to make a demon's dwelling his own!

/// Credits

Wally Fitch is played by Phil Bowyer

Sutton Blackhill is played by Kate Bowyer

Snorre Helige played by Mike Svensson

Officer Freeman (AKA 8B17) - Jesse James Freeman

Officer Wells (AKA 8B24) played by Gavin Wells

Police Dispatcher is played by Caitlin Bowyer

Texas Reporter Bill Mikelson is played by Jesse James Freeman

Chicago Reporter Nora McMurphy played by Nora Whalen

News Anchor Played by Connrad Bowyer

Jill St. Vincent Played by Katie Bowyer

Baby Doll played by Possessed Baby Doll

Historic and Viking Advisor: Mike Svensson

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment

Theme music, "Crossroads", was exclusively written and recorded by Grand Rezerva.

Music courtesy Shot Glass Records & BoozeHound Music

Written by Kate Bowyer & Phil Bowyer

Directed by Phil Bowyer

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