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076: Humility – The “H Factor” in Leadership, with Dr. Matt Sowcik
Episode 7614th July 2022 • Leadership Jam Session • Rob Fonte
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In this episode, I sit with Dr. Matt Sowcik, Assistant Professor of Leadership Education at the University of Florida, and author of a new book titled, “The H Factor: The intersection between humility and great leadership”. Dr. Matt and I talk about humility as key factor in leadership, some of its underpinnings, and how to overcome the widely felt notion that having humility in leadership is a sign of weakness.


  • Three things can fly in the face of humility – our apprehension to be imperfect, to be incomplete, and that we are permanent
  • There is a sweet spot where we can be seen as not overconfident as leaders, but we’re not underconfident either
  • Humility is that characteristic that brings us to the middle. It’s our counterbalancing trait
  • Things that help us develop humility is our experiences and our ability to reflect, make changes, and grow
  • Humility helps you realize the importance of others