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The Pretzel, The CreativeMornings Munich Podcast - Marko Lindgren EPISODE 2, 3rd September 2020
The Pretzel Podcast: 10 - Flow - Raphael Schildgen
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The Pretzel Podcast: 10 - Flow - Raphael Schildgen

Raphael Schildgen loves crafting and giving speeches. For the last 5 years, he has been on stage several times a month. In 2016 he won the European Championship of Public Speaking. He provides people with the tools, knowledge, and skills to craft a powerful message, deliver it with confidence, and find the best speaking opportunities.

He is also a former breakdance trainer and he loves the feeling of flow.

Visit: raphael-schildgen.de

LinkedIn: raphael-schildgen  

Instagram: raphaelschildgen

Facebook: Raphael Schildgen

See Raphael's talk here.



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