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8. The Value of Adversity: Learning to Connect & Create Community, with Sam Baddoo
Episode 827th January 2020 • Gravity • Brett Kaufman
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Sam Baddoo, co-founder of [re]start, is just a kid from Accra, Ghana, who ended up in Columbus, Ohio. His upbringing was strict, but very full, and he was exposed to a world beyond his own when he was very young. He grew up looking at people who are changing the world and wanted to be connected to that philosophy of wanting to do things differently, and he yearned to grow past his surroundings to join those like-minded people.

We explore how the adversity of his childhood and hazing in school shaped him, how he learned the skill sets in life to move ahead, and how he came to strive for connections in life.

What Brett asks:

  • [5:43] What did your parents do for work?
  • [9:44] What was it like as a child hearing your father threaten you?
  • [15:17] What happened from the point of your father telling you to grow up or leave?
  • [38:34] How do you take all of that learning and decide what's really important and what's not in alignment with you?
  • [45:52] How far are you willing to push the limits?
  • [48:14] What else happens prior to you making the leap to Columbus and how did you get there?
  • [56:05] What is the experience of translating this rock-star history and applying it to today?
  • [1:01:54] Did you need to find a job or get married in order to stay here legally?
  • [1:05:58] What was it like moving to the Midwest, which was unlike anywhere else you’ve ever experienced?
  • [1:07:04] What is it that you chose you wanted your life to be?
  • [1:09:07] What is [re]start?

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