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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 21st April 2016
Create, Build and Automate with Fabienne Raphaël
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Create, Build and Automate with Fabienne Raphaël




Welcome! My guest today is Fabienne Raphael, who is an online business coach, speaker, best-selling author, and podcaster of “Marketing to Crush Your Competitors.” She helps women cash in on their expertise and build their online businesses the right way, focusing on profitability and automation. Fabienne lives by the mantra “Connect, Build, Automate.” Let’s jump right in with Fabienne!

“If you know your product is valuable, then there is no way you can’t grow out of it.”
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  • Tell us a little about your story.

My story as a woman entrepreneur is not like what I thought it would be. After obtaining my college degree in Physical Therapy, I always thought I would work a traditional job. My business and life partner introduced me to seminars, personal development, and the idea of “What if you had your own business?” My mind slowly opened to the idea of entrepreneurship. We started several businesses together before entering the world of online marketing.

  • In your early days, where did you find your clients?

Where I worked previously was where I first became a consultant. Most of my contacts at first came through word of mouth advertising, but I did try some direct mail and marketing to offer my at-home physical therapy services.

  • Was your direct mail on postcards?

No, I used letters, sent in three intervals over a six-week time period. I wanted to introduce myself to potential clients and build my credibility and rapport within the community. Within two months, I started getting new clients as a result of the letters.

  • How would an online business owner acquire mailing addresses?

There are certain websites that have addresses and Facebook lists allow you to refine your search criteria to target your audience. I can use those searches to get guests that I want to have on my podcast. I think the personal action of mailing letters gets attention and speaks to people.


“Be careful how you communicate with influencers.”
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  • Is the best strategy to send out a cold letter at first?

Well, the letter will differ as to whether or not you have had contact with the person before. You may have some first mailings that are cold, but some come from previous contact.

  • Today, what are you doing in your business?

I’m an online business coach for service-based businesses. I help them learn to automate processes to increase revenue and free up their time through automation.

  • What do you suggest as critical steps in starting out in online business?

Ask yourself the following: Is there a market for what I’m passionate about?

How can I target a specific audience and not just everyone?

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

  • When doing research about your starting your business, what particular things should you look for?

If the niche is popular, you shouldn’t be scared. You can go for a different audience, like targeting the beginners in that niche who know less and have less experience. Every voice can be unique.

  • Concerning your podcast, how do you connect with “influencers”?

Influencers are people who are well-known in their market and have huge followings. Find common ground with them and be sincere in following them and giving them feedback. Find a way to stand out to them and they will usually respond when you reach out to them. See how you can share their message and help them shine.

  • How did you approach influencers about coming on your podcast?

I focused on following them and being active on their blogs. I like to send personal emails on reviews. Support them and dig into their work. At major events, let them know you are attending. The more you humanize the process, the greater results you will have.

“If you know your product is valuable, then there is no way you can’t grow out of it.”
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  • Lightning Round Questions:
    • What trophy would you like to have on your mantel? “The person who influenced the most people on earth positively.”
    • What is your guilty pleasure? Almond Cake
    • What book are you reading? The Fast Lane Millionaire by M. J. DeMarco
    • What is your one productivity hack that you can share? “Prioritize ONE thing each day.”
    • What is your personal motto? “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” –Jim Roan
    • What would you do differently if you started over again? “I think it took too long for me to learn to delegate. I should have done it sooner.”
  • Connect with Fabienne: www.marketingtocrushyourcompetitors.com (Fabienne offers a free gift to our listeners of her 27 Simple Marketing Strategies to Apply to Your Online Business.)

“Sometimes we forget to shift between online and offline strategies to reach people.”
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