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Living In An Async World
Episode 21st February 2023 • Conversations With #AskAsh • Ashley Shuler
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What is an async world? In this episode, we breakdown asynchronous communication and how to make it work for you and your team!

Asynchronous communication has been around in some degree for quite a while, but our circumstances with the pandemic and remote work have drastically increased the amount of async communication that we have in our teams on a day to day basis.

Since none of us were handed a playbook on how to communicate in this new world, I decided to share some of the practices that have been helping me navigate communication with my team. These are the actions that I take to balance between the necessary asynchronous communication I have on a day-to-day basis as well as the more traditionally present communication that we’re all familiar with.

In this episode, I break down…

  • How to create a communication plan– taking into consideration people, the process, and technology
  • Different tools to help successfully execute that communication plan. Hint: we’re going to go DEEP on Slack and why it’s so great for this!
  • The benefits of asynchronous communication, including but not limited to the flexibility, as well as the increased honesty that async communication usually creates
  • How to communicate your preferred communication style! They won’t know if you don’t tell them!

Key Quotes & Conclusions…

  • “One person is providing information. There’s a lag of time before a recipient takes that information and provides a response.”
  • “Asynchronous communication allows us to filter out the communication that is urgent, filter out the communication that doesn’t require an immediate response, and it allows for team members to collaborate effectively.”
  • “You’re not hiding! With asynchronous communication and the way that we’re working now, there’s no hiding in silos with your communication. It’s for everyone to see.”
  • “Not all communication channels are made equal. Communication as we know is a necessary skill, and something that constantly needs to be worked on.”
  • “What we’ve been experiencing in these past two and a half years is, ‘How do I properly communicate my ideas, my thoughts, actions items, my vision– how do I communicate that in such a way where my team members understand what I’m saying.’”

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