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On the Brighter Side - On the Brighter Side 26th October 2020
May We Always Remember to #Savethekids with Collin Kartchner
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May We Always Remember to #Savethekids with Collin Kartchner

Today, I'm republishing an episode with my dear friend, youth advocate, internet crusader and incredible human, Collin Kartchner, which was originally recorded in April of 2018. I'm putting this back out in the world with a little bit of commentary and whole lot of love.

Collin's message and mission touched hundreds of thousands around the world as he taught parents to connect with their kids in this digital age, fought against the dangers of social media and spread the joy of 8 second hugs. I will never know the reason he was taken so soon, but I will continue to be inspired by his passion and support his mission in every way I can.

He wanted parents to wake up to the dangers that surround our kids and families. No one will ever fill his red Nike shoes, but I have listed below some accounts and organizations who are also spreading messages of hope and healing. I've also linked to Collin's 2018 Tedx talk and his podcast. Please get educated and inspired and let your voice be heard. This is a fight worth fighting! #savethekids #savetheparents #forcollin.

Collin's Tedx Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/collin_kartchner_can_flip_phones_end_our_social_media_addiction

Collin's Instagram Account: https://instagram.com/collinkartchner

Collin's Podcast: https://www.collinkartchner.com/podcast

Other helpful resources:

Instagram Accounts to Follow: https://instagram.com/dearlizzy, https://instagram.com/betterscreentime, https://instagram.com/healthyscreenhabits, https://instagram.com/dogood.bekind, https://instagram.com/protectyoungminds, https://instagram.com/protectyoungeyes, https://instagram.com/familytechuniversity, https://instagram.com/fightthenewdrug and https://instagram.com/gabbwireless.

If you would like more information about additional accounts and organizations, contact the Safeguard Alliance and follow hashtags #savethekids and #savetheparents.