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Diving into Popular Questions about Product Managers
Episode 1411th October 2022 • Trying to Product • Parv Sondhi and Alex Cox
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Diving into Popular Questions about Product Managers

In today's episode, Parv and Alex walk you through some of the most popular questions about PMs that come up from you, their audience, interview panels, and in general conversations. Although PM roles can be different at different organizations, there are a lot similarities in schedules and approaches, just to mention a few aspects. Tune in as they clear up the air on the most popular questions you have about PMs. 

Join Parv and Alex as they chat about:

  • A day in the life of a PM [01:13]]
  • How to choose a company to be a PM at [05:56]
  • Do you need technical skills as a PM [11:16]
  • How to deal with meeting fatigue [15:53]
  •  Best ways to craft your resume for switching into product management [18:57]
  • What product managers do in their free time [22:28]

… and so much more! 

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Learn some technical skills that you can lean on, it doesn't hurt and there's no downside. If you have an opportunity, learn it. 




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