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Episode 31: Eric Konovalov on the Intersection of Mental Health and Leadership
Episode 3010th December 2021 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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This week's episode features Eric Konovalov, a seasoned sales leader, USMC Veteran, host of the Lead Sell Grow: The Human Experience pod cast and author of bestselling B2B Sales Secrets. As a John C. Maxwell-certified coach, Eric brings with him a unique perspective in creating a positive mindset both as a sales professional and a leader. 

Eric shares how he deals with situations that make him uncomfortable, such as the voice of negativity in his head that he calls the "gremlin", and other situations at work that he has experienced in his tenure as a sales leader. This includes dealing with any mental health issues that you may have first, instead of ignoring them. 


07:18 Control the voice of the gremlin inside your head

14:47 Differentiating the brain vs the mind

25:18 The mind is like a computer, it can be programmed 

33:49 Owning your feelings through journaling

41:10 Why we don't hear more about John C Maxwell in the tech space

44:56 The power of compliments in building team rapport

52:40 Eric's toughest conversation in sales


15:37 Eric: "I think the mind is what connects us to the universe, God, whatever you wanna call it. If you're not a theologian, then it's universal energy. energy can never be created or destroyed. Right. It just moves on." 

16:07 Eric: "I think the mind connects us. The brain is  the mechanical switching station that once the mind makes the decision, the brain acts on it." 

27:42 Amy: "There's no such thing as icing out just bad feelings, right. If you're going to ice out some form of those feelings, you lose them all."

29:19 Amy: "Negative thoughts are going to come, negative feelings are going to come. This is a critical part of the human experience, but it's what we choose to feed that grows." 

33:50 Eric: "Everything I want for my life is there at a certain vibrational frequency and the way to tune into it is through feelings and the highest feeling that humans can have where we're just operating in our optimal is love and joy. And the opposite of that is, is fear and anger."

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