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Industrial Sales: Cracking Open The Industrial Door!
13th March 2019 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Cracking Open The Industrial Door!

Industrial Commoditization is a fact that needs addressing. Ask these 3 questions: 1. What does your Customer Want? 2. What is your Guarantee? and 3. How do you Deliver your Guarantee? We are beginning to build another Industrial Sales strategy that takes a Commoditized Industrial Product or Service and makes it stand out in a marketing of “Sameness”. Let's Crack Open The Industrial Door.

Podcast Transcript:

[00:01]                                    The industrial talk podcast GO-BIG in just six minutes a day. Building a legacy of success in a rapidly changing industrial market. All right, welcome to the industrial talk podcast. My name is Scott MacKenzie. I hope you are having a great day. Thank you for joining the industrial talk podcast. Let's get the show on the road, man. Am I passionate about industrial market?

[00:23]                                    You, the and the companies. This platform, this Industrial Talk platform as well is dedicated to you and to provide you with content that will make you a better professional hopefully, and then highlight the professionals that are within the industrial market and they share their wisdom with you and you just soak it all up, man. It's just a regular sponge here. Be a sponge, be an industrial sponge. That's right. I just quoted that industrial sponge. That's what I am. I'm, I'm very fortunate just because I get to talk to all these people. I get to talk to you and then be able to learn more and more and more and more. It's exciting and, and, and it's changing so rapidly. Okay. Couple of things. Once again, ActiveCampaign, Bombbomb, important tools to have in your arsenal of marketing and sales and branding. All of those tools, industrial talk is a real big fan of them.

[01:22]                                    So nonetheless, that's ActiveCampaign and BombBomb as well as go out to industrial Find the Industrial Academy, look around there. That's a course driven a platform and uh, learn from the best of, uh, in the industrial world. And then finally, of course the Industrial Dojo, you know, just sort of rapid fire through a lot of these, uh, uh, podcasts and what they provide and all the insight that you want. Because once again, I'm all about industrial sales, industrial marketing, industrial branding, industrial leadership, and, and be that industrial sponge because man, it, it, you guys are doing important work out there. Just you are, you're just doing important work. Okay. Cracking open the door. This is sort of a continuation on that commoditization, a podcast that I did a few weeks back. That's the, uh, the recognition that one, your product is commoditizing. And let's just be candid here.

[02:24]                                    In the industrial world, in the industrial world, many of the products are commoditized. I look at mechanical seals commoditized, well, how do you, how do you differentiate this mechanical seal, this mechanical seal? So we're going to talk a little bit more about that. This is an addition to the commoditization and this is the realities of, of the industrial market and how do you, how do you sort of crack that nut and how do you open up that door? Just crack. It doesn't mean you're going to sell. It means that you're going to get that. Oh, okay. Well what do you, what do you all about? So I'm going to ask these questions and I ask you one, what does your customer want? Ask that question. What does your customer want? Now we've gone through a number of podcasts to try to really dive deep, but this is all in, um, in relation to what we're talking about here.

[03:21]                                    Once again, ask that question one, what does your customer want? Okay, too. What is your guarantee? So you know what their one is. What is your guarantee? What is your value proposition? We do that real well because we always want to sell our value proposition. We are the best because of these reasons. But unfortunately that's not the most effective way of selling. So once again, what does your customer want, number one. Number two, what is your guarantee? So these are questions to answer for you. The third one in that, you know, a list of questions. How do you deliver on your guarantee? How do you deliver on your guarantee? Very important. And, and uh, to be able to have a succinct and cogent message on how you deliver. Because what we are doing is what we're creating a framework. We're creating a framework picture, uh, the reality, the door is closed.

[04:35]                                    We, we've seen closed doors all the time, doors closed. Now there's, we can, what does that mechanism to sort of turn that door knob and open it up a crack that door, at least to begin the conversation with your customer or prospect on what you're, what you bring to the table for their success. And uh, so once again, the three questions, one, what does your customer want? What does, what is your guarantee? That's number two. And how do you deliver on your guarantee? And then what we're going to do tomorrow, cause we only have six minutes because this is what we're all about. We only have six minutes and tomorrow what we're going to say is ask the question, right? What about your stuff that makes you different? Well, what is it and then what, what, what, what makes you special? Well, what does your stuff and what, what makes you different and what makes you special. So you didn't think about that as we continue on with our series of definitely going big in six minutes. Because once again, you need to get a hold of me. If you do go to industrial that's industrial contact me. It's right up there and I would love to be able to have that conversation with you. So as always,

[06:03]                                    you guys have gotta be safe out there. You do important work because you guys are innovators, you guys are changing the world. And boy is it just an exciting time for being in the industrial market, technology, rapid fire opportunities growing. So Kudos to you because you guys are absolutely wonderful and I am so honored to be able to have you as listeners and be your friend. Have a wonderful day, and thank you once again, thank you for being a part of the industrial talk podcast. And then finally, always be safe. Have a great afternoon or morning or evening.

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