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BREAK Impure Patterns Using Breath with Devon Graham AKA The Black Airbender (OG 011)
25th March 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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How can breath create positive ripples affecting ALL areas of your life? 

The Black Airbender shares this largely forgotten tech, available to humanity in EVERY MOMENT! Devon has been passionately bringing this knowledge back from its ancient roots, helping thousands HEAL in the process. We discuss how crypto can be a consciousness expander, why breath is fundamental to transformation, and how over identificaiton with the material realm prevents peace. This episode is packed with rarely-heard concepts, including scalar tech, orgonite’s secrets, and Nikola Tesla’s true intentions. 


  • [02:25] How the “end of the world” on 12/21/2012 red-pilled Devon.
  • [07:31] Can breathwork help with addiction issues?
  • [13:12] Is breath an extension of our spirit?
  • [14:29] Why identifying too much with the world’s issues will prevent inner peace.
  • [18:45] What does orgonite do beyond protecting from EMF waves?
  • [24:30] Why contrast between breath methods is vital.
  • [30:25] The true abundance of Nikola Tesla’s technology.
  • [33:50] What physiologically happens during HEALING breathwork sessions?
  • [39:39] Devon’s understanding and outlook on CRYPTO
  • [45:45] How crypto is bridging 3D and 5D consciousnesses.

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