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Announcing the winner of Megan Cain’s Super Easy Food Preserving Book!
1st January 1970 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Hi Listeners! I am very excited to announce the winner of Megan Cain’s Super Easy Food Preserving Book!

Thank you everyone who entered the contest and I hope lots of listeners signed up on Megan’s Creative Vegetable Gardener Site for her 7 day challenge where over 200 gardeners signed up to take action to make the food from their gardens last all 12 months of the year! Megan had prizes and giveaways as well as valuable food preserving tips, techniques and support for anyone who signed up!

Once again I’d like to encourage you to visit her blog because not only is it informative helping you to save time by offering simple strategic solutions to get the most out of your garden with the least amount of effort but Megan’s voice is just eloquent and it’s always enjoyable to read her posts.

So without any more ado I’d like to announce the winner of her Super Easy Food Preserving Book is Audie Demeter!!

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