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Leadership Jam Session - Rob Fonte EPISODE 35, 15th February 2021
035: How to stop sabotaging yourself
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035: How to stop sabotaging yourself

In this Jam Session, I sit with Dr. Philip Agrios. Dr. Agrios is an Executive Performance Consultant specializing in guiding leaders to unleash their hidden potentials. Dr. Agrios shares how you, as a leader, can quickly and simply change your state of mind by revealing an inborn trait that causes subconscious blocks which lead to ineffective outcomes. Once understood, personal and professional power is enhanced creating repeatable success in all aspects of life.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are three sabotaging traits for all people:
  1. Director – is scattered, may not plan, sometimes wings things or gets really focused and forgets about other things
  2. Supplier – over values others and needs to value yourself and others in balance
  3. Communicator – is not communicating well
  • As a saboteur, you confuse selfishness to self-nourishment
  • You can change or influence others by changing yourself, not by trying to change others
  • You can be responsible to people, i.e., leading your family, etc., but you are responsible for no one else but yourself

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