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That Thing About Zen, Spiritualism and Religion - Throwback Wednesday Special
Episode 19329th June 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In This Episode: Throwback Wednesday Special, a brilliant conversation from last November 2021 I had with an interfaith minister where we talked about the fact that we are all human beings and no matter what religion we are no matter what position in life we are, color, race, creed that we all are part of this planet as a whole. With everything going on with Roe versus wade and some of the other Supreme Court decisions that may or may not be coming down the line I just wanted to remind everybody to take time to listen, to understand that we are all in this together, and that we need to not only love each other but to respect each other as individuals. I do not agree with the Supreme Court decisions made lately as I believe that they are more religious and right wing based than set in a legal precedent grounded in our personal freedom and privacies which is unfortunate. But we have an opportunity to take a positive out of this to fight for what is right and to work together as the human race and as Americans to be humane, compassionate, understanding and tolerant to make the changes needed. So please enjoy this Wednesday throwback episode as I feel that we could all benefit from the words of wisdom therein.

In this episode we discuss and ask the question: what is interfaith ministry? Can interfaith ministries bring us together in a unique way to allow for us all to connect ourselves through the universe? Is it true that we are all connected to one another? Stay tuned because we’re going to talk to an interfaith minister and discuss different world religions and what they each teach us about living our life to the fullest; the similarities and differences, as well as contemplate the key takeaways! My guest In This Episode Jerry Zehr he is an ordained minister and has been a leader in Interfaith ministries for over 35 years. He has helped create four interfaith organizations, including the Carmel Interfaith Alliance and the Indiana Multifaith Network. Jerry leads workshops, retreats, and speaks at events on different aspects of Walking the Enlightened Path, Developing Inner Peace, Learning to Forgive, and Building Understandings of Different Faith Traditions. Find out more about Jerry everything that he and his ministry have to offer at

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