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How To Create a Successful Online Product Suite with Runway Billionaire
Episode 7813th February 2023 • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying
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An average man doing extraordinary things.

Maurice Bowman, or also known as Runway Billionaire, joined us today to share how to turn a $7 eBook into a 5-digit purchase through customer journey and understanding mindset, money and the right marketing strategy.

From his content down to his sales funnel, Runway Billionaire spilled all the tea!

Runway Billionaire is a true entrepreneurial mastermind. The father of seven and devoted husband has built multiple seven-figure brands from the ground up. Despite growing up in poverty, he has managed to rise to the top, earning the title of a Forbes-featured entrepreneur and a TedX speaker. His story is one of perseverance, hard work and dedication, proving that anyone can go from broke to billionaire with the right mindset and determination.

In this episode on how to create a successful online product suite, we chat about:

02:15 - About Runway Billionaire and how Asia and Maurice crossed paths

07:16 - Importance of showing up authentically

17:30 - Get Drunk Cocktail of the Week

20:40 -The Distinction between Product Suite vs. Hero Product

27:05 - The Runway Billionaire Sales Funnel

38:40 - The 72-Hour Rule anyone can use to boss up!

52:40 - Get Rich Tip of The Week

1:01:36 - Get Rich Read of The Week

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Connect with Asia:

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