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Inside: Sales Enablement - Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert EPISODE 34, 30th April 2020
Ep34 Panel 2: Sales Experts – Forecasting the Future of Sales Enablement
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Ep34 Panel 2: Sales Experts – Forecasting the Future of Sales Enablement

Welcome to the Inside Sales Enablement Podcast, Episode 34

This is the second panel discussion where leaders dissect the research data points from the State of Sales Enablement study being led by Scott Santucci.

Fielded in March 2020, the study data-set ended up with over 100 responses! There were so many open-ended responses that a "guest analyst" program was created to help sort through the massive amount of data.

In this episode, we enroll the help of sales leadership. Question: What if your sales leadership called you in for an "Account Review" of your sales enablement efforts? How would you answer, and how would you explain your teams ongoing value to the organization, the specific initiatives adding the most value, and the upside potential (forecast) of your sales enablement efforts?

Well, buckle your seat-belt, our special guest analysts cull through 100+ responses and provide their take on the Future of Sales Enablement.

Our guests are:

  1. Skip Miller, CEO of M3 Learning
  2. Bob Apollo, CEO of Inflexion Point Strategy Partners
  3. Steve Crepeau, CEO of True Sales Results

To view the research method, visit https://www.OrchestrateSales.com/research/

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