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From Siberia to Sustainability and Beyond | GC01 Part 1
Episode 112th March 2021 • Good Change: Conversations About Making a World of Difference • Ken Streater
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Jib Ellison is the visionary founder of Project RAFT (Russians and Americans for Teamwork) and Blu Skye, a sustainable practices consultancy for many of the world’s largest companies.

During this podcast, Jib shares how he conceived and created Project RAFT, an organization built on the idea of citizen diplomacy whitewater rafting expeditions between the USSR and the US. This world-changing program took us away from nuclear annihilation by fostering meaningful and lasting relationships across country and culture lines. Jib then founded and still directs Blu Skye, a strategic planning and operations consultancy with clients such as Wal Mart and Microsoft. Blu Skye helps corporations believe in and then implement sustainability practices that are positively impacting climate change. 

Join us and learn about Project RAFT’s conception by this 20-year-old wonderkid with the support of a ragtag assemblage of whitewater rafters; phone lines in closets being a critical link in facilitating world peace and impeding climate degradation; simply doing what you love in order to help bring about good change; how Russians and Americans working together may be no different than liberals and conservatives doing the same; the difference between doing something good and doing something right; and that we are in the same raft in terms of what matters to each of us and all of us.  

About the Host:

Ken Streater shares eye-opening and heartening global experiences that reflect our shared dreams and concerns. A former international river guide and adventure travel outfitter who worked and played in 50 countries, Alaskan bush teacher turned social good entrepreneur, Fortune 500 consultant, bestselling author, and keynote speaker, Ken has seen first-hand how common ground blooms greater good. From angry hippo showdowns to nuclear missile attacks, from billionaire shenanigans to Siberian soccer wars to quiet conversations with everyday heroes, these and other interactions inspire him to create good change.

Ken’s just released #1 Amazon bestselling book, Be the Good: Becoming a Force for a Better World, is receiving rave reviews from movement leaders and readers alike. His podcast, Good Change: Conversations About Making a World of Difference is “where movement makers, industry leaders, visionaries, voices of hope, and everyday heroes gather to share ideas, laugh, and inspire action for greater good.”

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