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Microdosing, Mushrooms, Psychedelics, Sex Magic, and More with Bijoulea Finney
20th April 2022 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Something that is very popular currently with people who seek to optimize their overall wellbeing is microdosing, the practice of taking a sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic substance. Many swear on the mind enhancing properties of, say, psilocybin mushrooms.

In today's episode we will speak about microdosing benefits, how microdosing can reprogram our neural networks, healing with psychedelics and how to avoid a so called "bad trip"

My guest is Bijoulea Finney. She is a brand stylist, psychonaut and holistic guide specializing in visionary life design for conscious entrepreneurs & couples.

In this episode with Bijoulea Finney, you'll discover:

-Bijoulea's path to psychedelics through her own entrepreneurship...02:40

-Her passion for sharing about microdosing compelled her to get certified...05:10

-Psilocybin mushrooms connect you to your inherent power...08:15

-These compounds can be used for therapeutic healing, but also for optimizing one's full potential...10:30

-Microdosing explained...12:00

-How microdosing mushrooms reprograms neural networks...14:10

-Establish a rapport with the psychedelic best for you and find the right dose...17:15

-Simple, profound truths are often gifts these compounds bestow...22:00

-There is no such thing as a bad trip, but there are challenging trips...25:05

-What a certified guide can provide for you prior to, and during a trip...28:30

-Psychedelics can be a great way to transition off of pharmaceuticals; many health workers are opening up to this idea...31:30

-Microdosing can aid couples with improving trust and bonding; wipe the slate clean from the years of hurt between one another...33:20

-How mushrooms and intimacy are connected...36:50

-"Sex Magic" can be practiced alone or with a partner...39:50

-Reconnect with the sensations of your body...43:30

-Nature dating has profoundly impacted Bijoulea's life as a long time city dweller...46:15

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