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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 40, 15th September 2017
How to Shoot Great Looking B-roll + Documentary Filmmaking Couple, Jonathan Lacocque & Clara Lehmann
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How to Shoot Great Looking B-roll + Documentary Filmmaking Couple, Jonathan Lacocque & Clara Lehmann

One of the often overlooked elements to a documentary filmmaker’s footage is their B-roll. And the biggest reason that I have to make this assumption is the copious amounts of really really bad looking B-roll that is out there in the world. Hell, there was even an amazing viral video a few years back all about this! (see below)


So in this episode we explore what works and certainly what does not when it comes to shooting B-roll for your doc, including a list of tips that can make your B-roll be the best damn b-roll it can be!


Topics Discussed

  • the importance of a good tripod head & sticks
  • how to achieve quality exposition shots
  • incorporating B-roll as counterpoint to an interviewee’s dialogue
  • drone shots & dolly moves


Podcast Conversation

I was proud to be joined by two extraordinary individuals who have made a name for themselves in the commercial and documentary world. Through their post production outfit, Coat of Arms, Jonathan Lacocque and Clara Lehmann, produce creative ideas for their clients, make their own documentary films, and raise their family. And they have found a way to do all of these things from their tiny little slice of Shangri-La, also known as Helvetia, West Virginia, USA.


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