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The Family Business Podcast - Russ Haworth EPISODE 60, 5th July 2019
Ep. 60 - State of the Nation Report
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Ep. 60 - State of the Nation Report

The Family Business sector in the UK contributes more than the annual budget for the NHS each year. Their importance cannot be under-stated and the IFB have produced a report that highlights the trends and challenges facing family businesses today. 


In this episode I speak to Fiona Graham of the Institute for Family Business about the findings in the report and what family businesses can learn from these findings. 


Fiona Graham is the IFB Director of External Affairs and Policy. She is responsible for leading the IFB’s government and media relations, and policy development. She has over a decade’s experience in policy and public affairs. Fiona also sits on the Government’s SME Advisory Board.


You can find the report here: www.ifb.org.uk 


You can get in touch with Fiona on Linked In here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fiona-graham-6b2a802a/