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Tom’s Trends – Shop Open & Close Hours [CC 106]
Episode 10618th April 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Tom's Trends - Shop Open & Close Hours

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Shops are open fewer hours. 

  • 56% open at 8:00 am or later more than half
  • 14% open before 7:30         1 in 7
  • 74% close 5:30 or earlier    3 out of 4
  • 5% close 6:30 or later         1 in 20
  • 27% regular Saturday hours   1 in 4
  • 5% open any evening’s        1 in 20
  • Most employees prefer regular day hours 8 – 5
  • Shorter hours are used to attract new employees
  • There is additional cost and regulation that comes with overtime
  • Most of what goes on in a shop today are easier to manage 8 to 5
  • Resources are more difficult outside of 8-5
  • Many of the most successful and profitable shops are open 8 - 5

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