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Deb's B day, w Eggplant Parm!
Episode 281st August 2022 • The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late • charlie ponger
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The Official Seenagers, Never too late.

Debbie's birthday celebration was in the Adirondacks; she brought homemade eggplant parmesan.

Debbie is a bit of a novice woodsy gal, yet she loves.

Think of "My Cousin Vinny!" In the woods scene.

Debbie asks her boyfriend for his bank account number before going for a hike alone.

There is no cell service. Debbie can't figure out why no one has called or texted wishing her a Happy Birthday, and she's got the wrong date for her own birthday!

Everyone is walking around with a hangover... this entire Birthday celebration is right out of central casting!

Debbie shares a birthday with Ruth Buzzi and JLo which is just remarkably appropriate!