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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 34, 6th November 2020
How to take your own professional product photos – with Georgina Little
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How to take your own professional product photos – with Georgina Little

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You need great product photos to help sell your physical product and that does come at a cost - either time, money, or both. Today I’m speaking to an expert, to find out the pros and cons of taking your own product photos and, if you do decide to take your own, how to ensure they look professional.

Georgina Little is a photographer who specialises in Personal Branding and Product Photography - helping businesses uplevel their brands with images that sell.

We covered a lot of ground in our chat, including:

  • The benefits of taking your own product photos
  • The downsides of taking your own product images
  • The pros and cons of hiring someone to do your photography
  • How to know what’s included
  • What you need to take your own product photos
  • Tips for using your phone to take product photos
  • How to get the lighting right
  • How to avoid shadows
  • How to best position your product (and yourself!)
  • Taking product shots outside
  • Lifestyle photography - what that means and the kind of photos to take
  • How to plan out the shots you need
  • How to edit your images, or find someone to do it for you
  • How to find and brief a product photographer


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