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What Moms Raising Boys Without Their Dads Need to Know w/ Dr. Leslie Pledger
Episode 2121st February 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Dr. Leslie Pledger inspires moms raising sons to build better relationships with them. As a member of the school staff and having her own private school, Dr. Leslie saw firsthand the devastating effect of sons bearing the brunt of an absent father.

It's the reason she focuses her efforts on helping moms not only rebuild stronger mother-son relationships but also, her process forces moms to see the very important role they play in the lives of their sons.

Dr. Leslie is the host of Dr. Leslie Inspires podcast. See the link below for my interview on her show.

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I have some stuff. How old are your son? [00:31:15] J. Rosemarie: So one is 36, almost 37 and oh, oh man. 37 going on 38. He's given me my first two granddaughters. And then, and then I have a 28 year old and I have a 26 year-old [00:31:34] Dr. Leslie Pledger: okay. Yeah. I can't wait to talk to you [00:31:44] J. Rosemarie: tough, but I can do it. [00:31:48] Dr. Leslie Pledger: You do it every day, but this is, I mean, you know what, the best way that I think even when I'm talking to males, we have to think of it as who we are helping, [00:32:00] because there's something that you can say to really. Open up another mother's mind. She might be going through almost the exact same thing or something very similar. And the one thing that you say could change the whole trajectory of her life and how she deals with her son, just because, you know, you made it through, I mean, your sons are adults, you know? And so I look forward to hearing your story as well. Okay. Thank you.