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Anthony Danon shares insights on what Tech CFOs can learn from investors
2nd January 2024 • CFO Insights • Startup CFO
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We have an in depth talk with Anthony Danon, an investor running the Cocoa fund and focusing on fintech.

For CFOs in our community, he shares some remarkable tips on identifying a great tech business to work with …..… as well as laying down key identifiers for successful founders.

Anthony has spent >9 years in fintech as an operator, VC and angel, having done 34+ investments. He is a pre-seed/seed investor into companies like Atlar, Hyperline, Primer, Pivot, Ramp Network, Tide, TrueLayer, Two and Wayflyer. Most recently, he co-founded Cocoa, an angel fund backed by tech founders.

He believes believe 'Fintech is everything' and he looks for single-minded determination in founding teams.



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