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Elevate.Together.Podcast. - Elevate Services EPISODE 28, 6th April 2021
Gareth Hughes – Adapting to Change and Enjoying It
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Gareth Hughes – Adapting to Change and Enjoying It

In this episode, Jake Hills, Vice President, Legal Operations at Elevate, talks with Gareth Hughes, Director of Strategy at the international law firm Reed Smith. Gareth and Jake talk about implementing widespread change, specifically restructuring law firm processes to meet today's efficiency-conscious customers' needs.

[01:08] Driving innovation, embedding technology, and process design - it's Reed Smith's DNA

[02:03]  Clients were telling us they want accelerated delivery

[04:09] "Let's think about what a great delivery model will look like ten years from now... let's see if we can make that happen in three years rather than ten years."

[09:44]   The best bit is telling our clients we can do things better. We hired our first-ever Head of Legal Engineering, focused on keeping us aligned to change, focusing on continuous improvement.

[12:08]  Clients don't want to pay for us to reinvent the wheel. They want to see us moving faster, moving to the next generation of working.

[15:23] When a client asks, "Can you help us solve this?" Four to five years ago; it would have been much harder than today.


[17:27] Having continuous improvement in a role gives you that freshness.  People are enjoying it.

[20:01] Professional staff can sometimes underestimate a partner's ability or willingness to adapt, to be commercially savvy when clients drive change, it makes a difference.


[20:54] Communicate, over-communicate. You can't build this stuff in a box.