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Drop the Keys and Fix It [RR 641]
Episode 64118th May 2021 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Andy Bizub from Midwest Performance Cars in Chicago is also a native of Chicago. His first career was 25 years as a commodity trader. He entered the professional auto industry in 2014 by acquiring a failing shop in downtown Chicago that he was a customer of and started a turnaround. Andy now has two locations. He bought his first car at age 19, a 1972 Triumph Spitfire, which was the start of his gas, oil, and automobile obsession. Look for Andy’s previous episodes HERE.

Charlie Marcotte is the owner of American Pride Automotive and Founder of Transportation Matters. After serving in the U.S. Army, Charlie and his wife Diane moved to Virginia in 1988 and started their family in 1992. Putting food on the table was the primary goal that started Charlie working on cars (illegally) from a 10' by 20' storage unit. A strong work ethic and love of cars allowed those humble beginnings to flourish into American Pride Automotive, with 4 locations serving the Virginia Peninsula. The family unit has always been Charlie's driving force, with three successful children and a bouncing baby Grandson: Life is Good. Building a solid business is a point of pride for Charlie, but his true passion is Transportation Matters. The transportation Matters mission drives positive social change while delivering a competitive advantage to the independent automotive repair industry—the same industry which has provided Charlie with so much opportunity.

Key Talking Points

  • Early bird drop offs- loyal customer, comes in for routine services 
  • Key dropper- hold out keys and wants to be called when done
  • Trust- yours to lose in everything you do. 
  • Relationships- discuss things besides the customer’s car to establish a connection
  • COVID 19- has started training customers to not wait in the waiting room. Customers have changed their behavior and it stressed the value of their time.   
  • Communicating with customers- text, calls, email. Make it convenient and streamline
  • Be neutral and objective instead of being black or white without seeing gray. Most production takes place in the middle when you can pivot, listen and adjust to your customer’s needs. 
  • Independent shop owners are not the competition- the competition is new car dealer/franchise. The independent shops are grassroots, boots on the ground, and have community ties.  
  • “Who not how” Dan Kennedy- how do you get your customer to look at you as their “who” for auto repair? 
  • Phone calls- the best insights into customer’s expectations and if they’re being met.
  • Market to existing customer base instead of all going to new customer acquisition- producing word of mouth referrals  
  • Subscription service for VIP customers- guaranteed 24 hour appointments? Is being too busy hindering your clients? Dentists prioritize broken teeth for emergency appointments, what about broken cars?


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