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The Meltdown City Podcast - Nicole Johnson and Ali Sundet BONUS EPISODE, 11th May 2020
Nicole Johnson is United with Travel Unites Us
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Nicole Johnson is United with Travel Unites Us

Hey Everyone,

I had the uptmost pleasure of being interviewed by my very good friend, Aaron Schlein on his new show Travel Unites Us. Aaron has partnered up with Richard D'ambrossio to create a movement and community to come together over travel. Aaron interviews me about the genesis of my business Unwound Retreats, a wellness business for nurses. We discuss how I got unstuck from my restlessness and also how travel has impacted my life. Aaron also asks me what my life as an ICU nurse is like during the Covid 19 pandemic. So, I tell him and I get a little emotional about it but if you know me, that is no surprise.

Click on the link below to go listen to my interview.


Also, if you have want to share your story on Travel Unites Us, fill out the form at here. Aaron and Rich are looking for guests in the travel space that have stories to tell. Or maybe you are a lover of travel and you want to share your travel tales!

Peace Out!