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What Makes a Good Indie Game Ft. Matt Hackett
1st June 2023 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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What Makes a Good Indie Game Ft. Matt Hackett (Lofi Version)

In this episode of the Single Player Experience, The show was hit up with a question by a listener. Mario Miles wrote to the show just like you can at in The Single Player Experience Discord and asked "What Makes a Good Indie Game?" Sebastion was so compelled by the question that he decided to make a whole episode about the question. For a topic like this Sebastion called in the special guest for the episode, Matt Hackett. Matt is the author of the Book, How to Make a Video Game, and he's also developed several games, including A Wizard's Lizard, Indie Game Sim, and the Upcoming must play Indie, Witchmore.

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