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EWS001: The Power of Story (An Introduction to Engage With Story)
Episode 126th June 2017 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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So, what is it about stories that are so powerful? How do stories connect with us on a different level? And what can we learn from this in order to more effectively engage our audiences in business? There is a science behind good storytelling. It is a skill that can be studied, learnt and applied to achieve an outcome. Those that can master storytelling to move people to take action are winning hands down. And it’s this power of engaging storytelling that truly fascinates me.

 Welcome to the Engage With Story Podcast. Through the podcast I’ll be chatting to some of the best digital storytellers, marketers, content creators and business people to deconstruct how to engage an audience, and move them to take action through storytelling. Episode 1 is an intro to me, to the podcast and to what I hope we can achieve here.