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Tales of Marketing Transformation - Dr Jürgen Strauss EPISODE 4, 26th February 2019
Bread Making And Marketing Recipe - Tales Of Marketing Transformation #002
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Bread Making And Marketing Recipe - Tales Of Marketing Transformation #002

Imagine if you had a recipe for marketing, GOOD marketing, and you could follow that recipe all the time, then rinse and repeat? How would that be?

People have evolved marketing over generations and conducted thousands of experiments to see what worked, what didn't, and put together various systems that are around today. GOOD marketing - marketing that is based on human connection, is a lot like breadmaking. There is a framework:

  • We have a starter - a need that is unfulfilled
  • We have a pre-mix - an idea to address that need
  • We have a potential customer - the consumer of the bread
  • The idea goes through a combination of refinement and time until it's ready for consumption
  • Once there is a solid, robust framework in place, you can experiment with your marketing, to make it uniquely your own. So that your marketing is about building and sustaining relationships with the people we serve; with the people we care about.

Thank you for being on this journey of Marketing Transformation with me.

Go to talesofmarketingtransformation.com/002 to see our Transformational Marketing Framework - it's just like a starter recipe for your marketing.

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