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Should You Create Your Own Offer? | Freelancing
Episode 11826th April 2021 • The Road To A Billion • Stefan Georgi
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Join 9-Figure entrepreneur Stefan Georgi in Episode 118 of “The Road to a Billion”...

The call-in radio show style podcast where he answers YOUR questions on mindset, business ownership, scaling funnels, copywriting, freelancing, and more!

In this episode, Stefan and co-host Ed Reay are joined by the legendary Craig Clemens - the co-founder of Golden Hippo, America’s largest digitally native brand incubator… 

Which, under his leadership, went from zero to over 800 employees and became one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA (their brands include Gundry MD, amongst many others)...

And he’s also one of the most successful direct response copywriters of all time, having written many of the biggest digital ad campaigns in history and generating hundreds of millions of video views and upwards of $1B in sales.

In this episode, Stefan and Craig share candid insights on whether or not it’s worth transitioning from freelancer to offer owner…

And 4 MUST-HAVES if you do decide to make the transition. 

This is some crazy-helpful advice from two former freelancers who successfully made the transition and created 7-8 figure offers, so make sure to listen all the way through!


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