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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 7th January 2018
20: Entrepreneur, Physics, Computer Science & Math – Kevin Crenshaw
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20: Entrepreneur, Physics, Computer Science & Math – Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin Crenshaw earned a Physics degree and a minor in Computer Science and Math and is now an entrepreneur, CEO, and Author of Neverboss. He is a leadership coach for hands off leadership.

He says that because Physics Majors are not afraid to tackle very tough problems they are actually in demand in the financial world where solving problems with math is the norm. One thing to note about STEM careers is that it is not about learning a bunch of facts and figures, it is about training the mind to think so you can solve any type of problem.

You always need to be aware of and watch for opportunities and be able to seize them by being flexible, adaptable, and agile.

When solving problems, the most interesting problems are about people, and you want to be a catalyst for others.

Advice for high schoolers:
1) Always focus on the principles as they never change
2) Train your brain – just read articles
3) Get a job and learn how to work

Advice for launching into your career:
1) Be teachable and be humble
2) Take initiative – don’t wait to be told
3) Be agile – does not need to be perfect, get it out an prefect it quickly

Best advice Kevin ever received: People do things for good reasons, so always carefully clarify before you reach a negative conclusion.

Recommended book “How to win friends and influence people” – Dale Carnegie (available on Audible)

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