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After The Gridiron - Lyle Green 15th February 2021
Interview With Former NFL Player Sean Conley
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Interview With Former NFL Player Sean Conley

Sean played 4 seasons of professional football with stops in Detroit, Indianapolis and New York. He also kicked in NFL Europe with the Scottish Claymores. He played other sports growing up but football was always his passion. He didn't have much formal training growing up, but his love for the game fueled him to work on his craft. He was a self-taught kicker and would spend hours kicking, trying to hone in his accuracy. After some time at a couple division 3 schools, he got an opportunity at the University of Pittsburgh where he finally was able to learn from an experienced coach. His leg talent got him an chance in the NFL and he was able to fulfill a dream of kicking in the pros. After football, he struggled a while trying to find a new path. He eventually got into yoga and now owns a studio with his wife called "Amazing Yoga." He has also written a book, "The Point After" where he talks about his life after football. Use the links below for more information.


website: www.SeanConley.net

twitter: @Sean_Conley_