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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 194, 11th July 2019
Appeasing The Fickle Podcast Listener [Episode 194]

Appeasing The Fickle Podcast Listener [Episode 194]

This episode will help make sure your show appeals to the 25% of people who listen to podcasts regularly. 

You'd think this would be easy, as I just mentioned at the top of the program. And in fact, it is easy. Experience podcast listeners really only need to know two things to listen to your podcast:

  1. The knowledge that you, in fact, have a podcast
  2. The name of your podcast (and gods help you if you used funny spelling)

But there’s one thing you don’t, and in fact can’t know: how an experience podcast listener would prefer to listen to your podcast.

The tl;dr version: Submitting your show to Apple Podcast is not enough. This episode will help convince you of that. And after you’ve listened, you can share this page with others who need to get the message:  

The prior three episodes in this mini-series tackled other audiences. If you missed them, here’s a quick listening guide: 


Podcast Pontifications is published by Evo Terra four times a week and is aimed at the working podcaster. The purpose of this show is to make podcasting better, not just easier.

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