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Elisa Unfiltered : Living Life Out Loud - Elisa Kurylowicz EPISODE 88, 19th August 2020
Are You Ready to Expand? Special Episode.
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Are You Ready to Expand? Special Episode.

The word “expansion” is trending in today’s world of health and wellness, but what does it actually mean and how does it actually look and feel like in your life? 

Are you ready to expand? Are you looking to make a shift in your life that feels impossible? Are you looking for a certain sense of freedom but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to step into your own power and transform your life?


When we expand, we let go of the grip our belief systems have over us and make room for new agreements. We open the places inside of us that have kept us safe and small and give ourselves the opportunity step into our power (whether we make the step or not). 

Today’s episode is all about my personal experience with expansion, as it related to self-growth (in all forms), and I deep dive into a personally story that I have yet to tell in full on this show.  

There is so much opportunity for growth all around us.. Are you ready to make space, to take your power back and use it for YOUR OWN DAMN SELF?

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