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Episode 067: How to Create Blog Content People Actually Want
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Episode 067: How to Create Blog Content People Actually Want

The podcast is back and this week it’s just Paul and Phil in the hot seat. There’s no guest this week as the lads take a closer look at exactly how you can create content people actually want to read.


After a string of awesome guest since the start of 2017, Paul and Phil go back to where it all began with just the two of them and a microphone.


Creating content is a tough task at the best of time, but there can be nothing more soul destroying than pouring your heart into an article only for no one to read it. So how do we makes sure that people will want to read our content before we even create it?


That’s what the guys cover in today’s episode.




  • Understanding the value of the content
  • The value proposition of your blog content and how to determine it
  • The decision-making process of the reader/viewer
  • What type of content you should create based on the SERP’s
  • And much more……




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Behind the Scene’s


Do you want to see behind the scenes of this very Podcast recording? Then check out the Daily Vlog more specifically Episode 48, where Paul and Phil share how they do it and the problems they encounter.


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