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Fresh off the Stumbling Block (With Randy Mulkey)
Episode 112th October 2021 • The Fittest Fat Kid You Know • Bruce Nachsin
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If you've fallen short of your fitness goals, don't you worry, so have we. Come join the Fittest Fat Kid You Know and together we will pick up the pieces, no matter how heavy they have become.

Episode 1 kicks off our journey with a confession and a promise.  In just over 18 months, our host went from a relatively svelte 180lbs to his freshly certified weight of 258.4lbs. Today is the day that he starts to get back on track. We talk cause, effect and emotional impact, as well as solutions and motivation. It's all here, just one click away. Subscribe, come along for the ride and connect to us with your story.

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twitter: @fittestfatkid

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Facebook: The Fittest Fat Guy You Know Page

Episode Theme song: I've Got to Go Now by Anthem of Rain

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