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The Genesis Frequency - Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna EPISODE 105, 15th May 2020
Inner Dialogue Creates Outer Circumstance
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Inner Dialogue Creates Outer Circumstance

All that inner dialogue that goes on ceaselessly throughout your day needs to match what you want to experience. We can take time for reflection, meditation, study and repeating affirmative statements, but if we don't monitor the inner chatter so that it remains in harmony with our goals and dreams, we will most likely not experience that which we wish to manifest in the outer world of form.

In today's episode I explore these words written by Neville Goddard found in Awakened Imagination:

"Inner talking reveals the activities of imagination, activities which are the causes of the circumstances of life. As a rule, man is totally unaware of his inner talking and therefore sees himself not as the cause but the victim of circumstance. To consciously create circumstance, man must consciously direct his inner speech, matching "the still small voice" to his fulfilled desires."

Exciting stuff. Don't make living your dream difficult. It all starts inside.

Dr. Koz (and effect!)

Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D.