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GOING SOLO - David Shriner-Cahn EPISODE 14, 8th November 2019
Courage to Pursue Your Mission as an Entrepreneur Featuring Brian Califano
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Courage to Pursue Your Mission as an Entrepreneur Featuring Brian Califano

Brian Califano is the co-founder and managing director of Accelerating CFO. 

We discuss:

  • A 10-year burning desire to help small and mid-size companies go through major financial deals [2:42]
  • Recognizing the right moment to stop dividing your time and never look back [6:25]
  • Why it might ring hollow after climbing up the career ladder [8:30]
  • What it takes to proactively make the jump into entrepreneurship [12:57]
  • Why day one of being unemployed could be the most eye-opening experience you ever had [15:29]
  • Being the right person for your next client [18:59]
  • The path to becoming the premier CFO consulting company in the world [21:04]
  • Brian started Accelerating CFO after realizing that there were many entrepreneurs and small- to mid-sized companies that needed a finance partner that can assist in managing their business using policies and procedures utilized by Fortune 50 companies. His true passion is to take his vast experience as a senior finance executive and help his clients maximize their net worth.

Learn more about Brian at http://acceleratingcfo.com/LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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