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Comedians on South High - 511 South High Media EPISODE 12, 29th December 2019
Doritos Locos in Port Clinton

Doritos Locos in Port Clinton

The Comedian’s on South high bring Garrett McLaren, the owner of District Art And Apparel on 1253 North High St., Columbus, OH along for the ride.

  • Kenny schools the boys on tongue twisters
  • One drunk duck on black blug
  • Bobbie doesn’t trust water filtration systems
  • Jason Banks cusses out Beyoncé over her fingernails
  • Small crowd big crowd it’s all drunk to me
  • We change the bed sheets every five comedians at the comic condo
  • Things get serious when it comes to the delicious cheesy tortilla chips
  • Road rules when to eat and how to eat
  • Jason Banks sister is worried about his safety on the podcast
  • Will Jason be able to hire Bobby’s brother for a contract hit
  • Will Blinsky lose his teeth
  • Bobbie found a loophole in the podcast payments to Jason
  • Judge Ito, Fritos, Doritos and Skittles
  • Don’t touch Jason’s nuts

This and much much more with the Comedian‘s on South High. Jason Banks, Kenny Mock, Bobbie Dodds and your host Jared Blinsky.

Recorded at Channel 511, a production of 511 South High Media LLC.