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276 My Crazy Family – Lessons – Hallowell
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276 My Crazy Family – Lessons – Hallowell

Lessons For Families From An Internationally Acclaimed Teacher

Kids with ADHD have Ferrari minds and bicycle brakes.
~ Dr. Ned Hallowell

Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist, graduate of Harvard medical school, and leading authority with multiple lessons in the field of ADHD and Executive Function, an NY Times bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker and host of DISTRACTION, a weekly podcast for managing this CrazyBusy world. He is the founder of The Hallowell Centers in Boston MetroWest, NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle.

A graduate of Harvard College, Tulane Medical School, and a Harvard residency and fellowship in adult and child psychiatry, Ned served on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School for 20 years until he retired from academia to devote his full professional time to seeing patients, writing books, and giving lectures and seminars.

His landmark book, Driven to Distraction with his insightful colleague, Dr. John Ratey, set the entire psychiatric world on the path searching for more informed diagnostic and treatment strategies with more predictable outcomes for ADHD.

Lessons: Dr. Hallowell's Important Common Denominator

A noteworthy foundation of Dr. Hallowell's important message at every presentation is his compassion, his understanding, and his search for meaning within each person's developmentally positive attributes - a strength-based approach - that will contribute to their growing self-management skills. He focuses on the person, not the "deficit."

No, he's not into pathologizing - he's thankful, and into finding a Path for lifelong recovery that will work over time.

Our Brief Times Together

His first interview here at CBJ/156, regarding the changing ADHD scene with the neuroscience of "Executive Function" and the switch to diagnosis beyond appearances, was so popular we republished it for the holidays last year at CBJ/179.

Now He Gets Personal

In this more revealing interview, Dr. Hallowell takes us into the kitchen of his childhood and discusses in detail his challenging past, and how his past informs his practice, his teaching work, his relationships, and his life purpose. Thanks, Ned for your warmth, your authenticity, your resilience, and willingness to share your life story - where your lessons started.

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