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Introducing Intelligentsia21C - Framing Racism on Blacks in America
Episode 18th February 2021 • Intelligentsia21c • Reginald Jones
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This inaugural Intelligentsia21C podcast episode introduces the Intelligentsia21C platform and delves into issues of systemic racism impacting Blacks in America.

Intelligentsia21C is a curated platform that uniquely brings critical analysis to political, social and economic topics—all examined through a racial equity lens. Reaching audiences through this podcast, website Blogs, and on social media, Intelligentsia21C engage a range of guests from seasoned thought leaders to grassroot figures working on the ground. The platform exposes audience members to diverse views on racial inequities and ways to address them. Built from the idea of social circles that emerged in the 18th Century and whose members were recognized as thought leaders for their time, Intelligentsia21C welcomes everybody who wants a more just society.

If you ae Black in America, you have not witnessed full equality in a lifetime. Only the Country’s default on it pledge of equal opportunity. Data is clear that Blacks are lagging on political, social, and economic fronts. Key factors on disparities are raised leading to the conclusion that parity adjustment is warranted and a people’s movement for change is necessary.





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