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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower EPISODE 118, 21st August 2020
Everything Investors Need to Know About Online Property Auctions
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Everything Investors Need to Know About Online Property Auctions

Property auctions have been around for hundreds of years, but the (somewhat) new twist with online property auctions is taking off due to the circumstances that COVID19 has brought in its wake. Auctions are truly a unique selling opportunity that helps sellers and buyers alike.

In today’s real estate investment market, creativity is critical in putting together strong deals. My guest, Adam Dahlberg, has been in wholesaling and the acquisition business for 6 years. He is also a licensed agent, acquisition specialist, and a creative investor. Adam has perfected online property auctions and is here today to take you through the benefits, the processes, and the intricacies of property auctions. His main goal is to help his clients out of tough situations. 

From property swaps (no money involved!) to understanding and capitalizing on Bidding Fever, this episode covers it all! 

  • Developing different property auction strategies in competitive markets
  • Details on the most creative deal that Adam has done to date
  • Auctioning manufactured homes and why it’s a good deal
  • The advantages of having a real estate license (there are many!)
  • Understanding online property auctions
  • Why online property auctions are not foreclosure options
  • The timeline of selling a home at auction
  • How to market property auctions
  • Why property auctions is a booming business right now
  • Understanding the auction seller mindset 
  • How to keep your real estate investor reputation spotless
  • What the auction company’s cut is on a deal
  • How the bidding process works for buyers and sellers
  • Why 2020 is nothing like the 2008 crash
  • The future of online property auctions
  • Discussion of the deals I’ve done with Adam
  • Breaking down the financials of property auctions
  • How investors can make money running their properties through an auction

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