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Do you have a Pelvis? Then you need to hear this.
Episode 1420th June 2021 • WaveTalks: Fitness for Humans! • 3Wave Fitness & K Borsuk, D Walkden, J Walesch
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But what I can tell you is that we're going to discuss some seemingly uncomfortable things that you likely need to hear. We want to start a conversation that both demystifies and destigmatizes the pelvic floor, its function, some common dysfunctions and what effects these dysfunctions have on every day life for people. 

And this isn't just limited to the people with the one type of plumbing, either. It's all kinds of plumbing. It's really anyone that has a pelvis, which is most people, I'd believe. 

When these muscles and structures are not taken care of we start to develop issues that we associate with the natural aging process, things like bladder leaks, the constant need to pee, constipation, trouble with intercourse, and more.  These, and other things we talk about in the podcast can be signs of a pelvic floor that needs some help. 

We'll be diving into our own personal stories about how we've come to understand the importance of the pelvic floor and what we've learned along the way, so why not spend a half hour with us and learn about things that they didn't teach you in your formative education! (But maybe they should!) 



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