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Modern Cowboy - Dan Hillenbrand
Episode 104 Ben Masters / Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer & Daring Adventurer…
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Episode 104 Ben Masters / Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer & Daring Adventurer…

Join me in a fascinating conversation with Ben Masters, the catalyst behind the critically acclaimed documentary UNBranded. Ben Masters is a filmmaker, writer, and photographer currently living in Austin, TX. Masters studied wildlife biology at Texas A&M University and is most known for producing Unbranded and for directing The River and The Wall.  He has written for National Geographic, Western Horseman, and has two books published by Texas A&M University Press. Masters is an award winning filmmaker with Audience Awards at Telluride Mountainfilm, Banff International Film Festival, Hot Docs International Film Festival, and recipient of the SXSW Louis Black Lone Star Award. He makes character driven movies about wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Ben is a champion for sensible wildlife & range land management, an advocate for our wild horse population and a daring adventurer...

  • "Unbranded is a journey with heart and soul." -Examiner.com
  • "You'll undoubtedly channel your inner cowboy..." -Hollywood Reporter
  • "Unbranded is a Kit Carson-esque tour through the mountains and deserts of the west with no shortage of drama." -Outside Magazine
  • "Unbranded is a compelling - and often comedic - story about friendship, adventure and our interdependence with nature." - Reel Screen
  • "Unbranded is a soaring tale of resilience and adventure that will make you laugh, cry, and develop a newfound deference for these emblematic Western creatures." - Sedona Red Rock News
  • "Unbranded will make you want to quit your job and ride a mustang from Mexico to Canada." -Mother Jones
  • "Unbranded is brimming with drama in the midst of jaw-dropping landscapes." -Los Angeles Times
  • "Visually Stunning." -Toronto Star
  • "A horse-lover's must-see." -Columbus Alive
  • "A Gripping Story of Bold Adventure." -Western Horseman
  • "The screen is filled with verdant landscapes and a contemplative appreciation of their untrammeled majesty."-Film Journal International
  • "You would freak out too if you got a cactus stuck in your lip." -Indiewire 
  • "Most importantly, we learn about the problem of land and wildlife management – a problem that is vital for us to solve if we want to leave a proper legacy for our children." -Reel Life with Jane






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