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The truth about you: Do you know YOUR non-negotiables? Pt 1 | Ep 29
29th September 2021 • Victory in Mind • Waceke Wambaa
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What is that line you will not cross, what is that place where your “no” actually means no? 

How do you get to this place of confidence, certainty in your decisions, your non-negotiables? Join me today as we start this 2 part series on, "The truth about you: Do you know YOUR non-negotiables?” 

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[00:00:57] Introduction to this week’s topic and objective: the question “Do you know your non-negotiables?”

[00:01:52] The starting point: “Can we ask ourselves honestly, "Do you know who you are, what you believe, what you hold true to", to be able to determine what your non-negotiables in all areas of your life will be?

[00:02:45] "Do you know who you are?" is "What do you value?"

[00:04:32]"What makes your heart happy?" …looking for the deeper details.

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[00:00:21] Are you concerned about your future, the state of the world and how to best navigate the options or lack thereof that life's throwing your way? Well, welcome to Victory in Mind. The podcast that focuses on practical strategies and solutions in living out our created potential. Together our tribe will motivate, activate, educate, engage, challenge, and inspire us all towards our created potential. You have a future. You have a hope. So don't give up.


[00:01:18] My objective today is to share some points that hopefully, will help you and I drill down on what we might already construe to be our non-negotiables. Or, for those of us who have never stopped to pause about this issue for ourselves, or not even sure of where to start that discussion, let this be an opportunity, an exercise in our starting the journey to help define, determine, and refine our non-negotiables.

So what kind of questions might we ask ourselves to start figuring out what are these non-negotiables each one of us has?


This is not something that one sits down over a cup of tea or coffee and determines the final answer to this question as a, "by the way", statement or figures out the final solutions in seconds. Hardly. Of a truth, if you ask yourself the same question over various periods of your life, I dare say you will find that these non-negotiables might change, get refined, defined and solidified whether through various life circumstances or simply with the passage of time.


The more you ask, "What do I value?" or "What do I want out of life?" and "What will I do or not do to achieve these stated goals?" the more you define your non-negotiables a bit more distinctly. As you do this, you may find the road towards achieving your goals filled with obstacles that will challenge your non-negotiables to where you might hold firm to your original stance, let go, or sacrifice on those non-negotiables once ascribed to, in order to attain your objectives.

learly defined belief system [:

As such, the more we understand the compass of where, who we are resides, the more we can understand our non-negotiables.


It would serve us well to become more acquainted with this organ that we [00:05:00] point to when we are in love, when something satisfies us beyond the superficial, when something causes us deeper than deep pain and so many of those deep-seated human emotions we experience at some point in our lives. By knowing the point at which our decision-making collides with our emotions and our belief system, we can start to understand where our non-negotiables lie. Yes, you can make work or family based decisions that look good on paper, practical in outworking, but if you find that your heart is at a point of grief with the decision you're about to make, you might want to step back and grant yourself the space and place to ask yourself, "why?" Am I dealing with a previously unknown or known non-negotiable that I am challenging or threatening to cross the point of no return? What does this mean for me now, or later? [00:06:00]

For example, you might find that though in the past, you might've been convinced by others that since you have such a firm grasp on biology, chemistry, and the like, you found yourself in medicine and you're good at it. Yet, your heart is clearly not committed to that job, that career, that decision, ...As much as your heart LIGHTS up, when you're performing something diametrically opposite to that medical pursuit. Whether teaching art, championing the local gardens in your community or some other career field, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these noble pursuits. However, if one causes your heart more joy than the others, you might want to ask yourself "why?" As you ask yourself, why, you might find that you are defining a non-negotiable for whatever season in your life you may currently be in.


[00:07:34] Until then, that wraps it up for today's episode. I really appreciate the time that you've taken to spend with me today. Thank you for listening to Victory in Mind Podcast. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa. Be sure to take a minute to subscribe to the show, so that you never miss an episode to get your own personal motivation, activation, encouragement and inspiration as you live and walk with victory in mind. You can subscribe and find out so much more [00:08:00] information at our website That's And while you're there, if you love today's episode, go ahead and share it with a friend. I would really appreciate this. Because as you rate, review and subscribe to this podcast, we can become discoverable to more listeners. We're looking for people to live out their full created potential. Come join the tribe. Remember you have a hope. You had a future.